Planning for a baby can be one of the most exciting – and nerve-racking – times of your life. As an expectant mother, you are probably full of questions, and we are happy to answer them and help you on to your next stage of life – mom. Carolina Women's Healthcare provides comprehensive obstetrics and prenatal care. Our new Greenville facility is convenient to areas throughout the Upstate, SC.

Routine Obstetrics

Even with a routine pregnancy, the changes in your body can be alarming. There is so much to learn: what foods you should steer clear of, if you can stick with your normal exercise program, and what’s up with the all-day "morning" sickness! We can help answer those questions, and the hundreds of others you will undoubtedly have during pregnancy. We also have an in-office ultrasound to check your baby’s growth and take those all-important first pictures.

While some practices require obstetric patients to rotate between all the physicians in the practice, at Carolina Women's Health you can continue to see the doctor or doctors of your choice throughout your entire pregnancy, offering a more personal approach to your prenatal care.

Once you have chosen your physician, we partner with you to develop a labor and delivery plan, taking your preferences and specific prenatal care needs into account. The obstetrics physicians at our Greenville, SC center do everything in their power to ensure that your and your baby’s health and wellbeing are the top priority during labor and delivery and that you and your new little one go home healthy and happy.

High-Risk Obstetrics

Sometimes pregnancy is not as smooth as we hope. There often are complications during pregnancy, like gestational diabetes, hypertension, placenta previa and low amniotic fluid, among others. During these scary times, you need expert care and advice. The physicians at Carolina Women’s Health are experienced and highly trained in high-risk obstetrics and will guide you every step of the way.

We also offer fetal diagnostic services, genetic disorder counseling and miscarriage-risk intervention to all of our obstetric patients.

3D/4D Ultrasounds

Carolina Women’s Health is pleased to offer 3D/4D ultrasounds to our patients. These crystal clear, three-dimensional images let you see your baby-to-be like never before. These optional ultrasounds are usually performed between 28-32 weeks for the best image quality and can be used to determine or verify gender, or just to get a better peek at your little one. You will also receive a flash drive with images to take home, as well as a black and white photo. Call our office at 864-382-4000 for pricing and more information.


To schedule an appointment with the first person your baby will meet, please contact us. We provide comprehensive obstetrics services and prenatal care for patients in Greenville and throughout the Upstate, SC. Additionally, we offer preventative and specialized gynecology care, infertility testing and treatments, osteoporosis screenings, and other services to provide the very best care at every stage of your life.