Patient FAQs

Q: I use birth control pills and am having abnormal bleeding.

A: If you have been on OCP’s for 1-3 your body has to adjust to the pill. If you have been on OCP’s for longer than 3 months do a UCG because OCP’s only protect 99%. If UCG is negative then we can discuss with the doctor to change pills are make an appointment to be evaluated.

Q: I am having irregular bleeding not on OCP’s

A: Need to do UCG, if negative needs appointment with doctor for evaluation.

Q: I think I have an infection

A: What type of symptoms?

  • Painful urination and urgency, (UTI) if GYN patient you need to come into office to leave CCMS urine specimen then we will call in prescription (per doctor protocol). If OB patient you will need to be seen by the doctor for evaluation.
  • Vaginal discharge with odor, (BV) we will call in prescription per doctor protocol if patient is up to date with AE. OB patient will be treated either by doctor protocol or appointment depending on how far along there are.
  • Itching with white discharge, (Yeast), GYN can use OTC yeast infection or prescription for Diflucan will be called in upon request. OB patient can use OTC yeast medication but instructed to call back if symptoms persist or c/o change.

Q: I have symptoms of menopause; ie hot-flashes, mood swings, decrease in menses.

A: Pt will need appointment with their doctor to discuss possible HRT and treatment plan.

Q: I was given a prescription for a medication and am not sure how to take it and what are the side effects.

A: We pull the chart and look at the doctor’s last dictation and see what prescription was called in and how it was prescribed. The side effects are listed in the prescription hand out from the pharmacy and the patient is instructed to call with any severe reactions or to go directly to the ED.

Q: I had test done and would like to get the results.

A: We will pull the chart and see what test were done and check for results, if results are not on the chart they are retrieved from Lapcorp, SFH, GMH etc. The chart and the results are put on the doctors desk for review and the patient is told we will call them back when the doctors and signed off. If results are on the chart we discuss the results with the patient.

Q: I need an order for my Mammogram?

A: Verify that patient has or will have an AE within the year. Order is filled out and faxed to the Radiology department of their choice.

Q: I have pelvic pain 


  • GYN patients are treated per doctor protocol. Appointments are made on a first availability basis.
  • OB patients are asked a series of questions: UC’S, leaking fluid, History of SAB, Endometriosis etc. If any pregnancy related pain such as PTL, UC’s leaking fluid the patient is told to come in that day. If round ligament pain etc. patient is told to increase fluids, increase left sided bed rest and call if c/o continue.

Q: I have an appointment in the future but would like to be seen sooner.

A: Appointment schedule is checked and if an earlier appointment is available it is given, if no available appointment is found then the patient is instructed to keep their apt.

Q: I am pregnant and I have nausea and vomiting.

A: We offer prescriptions for Phenergan or Zofran, also BRATT diet. If c/o continue the physician is consulted and treatment plan is developed and then discussed with patient.

Q: I am pregnant and have a cold what are safe OTC meds I can take.

A: We have an approved list of OTC meds and that list is given to the patient and also CWH has a website with this list and the website address is given to the patient.

Q: I am pregnant and have noticed decreased fetal movement.

A: If the patient is > 24 weeks pregnant they are instructed to lie on their left side for 1 hour and monitor fetal movements. If they have < 10 movements in that hour then they should call back and be given an appointment to see the doctor.

Q: I am pregnant my water broke and I might be in labor.

A: The patient is instructed to proceed to L&D at SFE and the on call doctor is notified of their situation.

Q: I am postpartum and am experiencing bleeding

A: It is normal to bleed up to 6 weeks after delivery. Watch for heavy clots, HA, dizziness etc. and call if these symptoms appear.

Q: I am postpartum and having issues with breastfeeding

A: Issues:

  • Breastfeeding: We give them the number for the lactation consultant ant SFE.
  • Yeast and cracked nipples: We would recommend Doctor Newman’s Nipple Cream, Yogurt with live cultures and warm soaks.
  • Decrease milk production: Per doctor protocol for any prescriptions, warm showers, pumping etc.