Dr. Shannon Johnson

Dr. Shannon Johnson earned her bachelor’s degree in Engineering at Clemson University before graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at the Greenville

Hospital System and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. At Carolina Women’s Health, she specializes in adolescent and first exams, and nutrition.

Interesting Facts about Dr. Johnson:

  1. Enjoys American History and reading her kids’ teenage fantasy novels
  2. Rafted through the Grand Canyon
  3. Lives in the downtown Greenville area with her husband of 22 years, Jeff, and their four children: Jake, twin girls, Isabelle and Grace, and Sam. They like to ride bikes on the swamp rabbit trail.
  4. Admitted to medical school after her freshman year in college
  5. Was at one of the longest baseball games recorded (6 hours and 10 minutes). The Atlanta Braves lost to the Mets on July 4th 1985. She vows to never go to another professional baseball game.
  6. Family includes 2 dogs, a guinea pig, tortoises, and fish. In the future, she would love to have a hedgehog.
  7. Tries very hard to keep on schedule at work…but sometimes she talks too much.
  8. Met her husband, Jeff, in Dr. Helms’ freshman biology class at Clemson University. She sat on the front row… he sat on the back!
  9. Loves to play…her back yard has a slide off the deck (in addition to stairs), a rope bridge, a zipline, tree house, and a fireman’s pole
  10. Lived in Nebraska, Germany, and Hawaii
  11. As an advocate of sun protection, was given a spray tan machine for her birthday
  12. Became a vegan over 8 years ago for health reasons…although she enjoys a good vegan cupcake!

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